Garett Cook

Experienced Unity3d Devloper, VR, AR, XR Developer

Cook Family

A Breif History of Garett and Game Development

2018 Learned C# 

Learned C#, C++, and JavaScript in a Computer Science class

2019 First Unity VR project

Joined BYU Mixed Reality Lab and created first VR project using Oculus Rift and SteamVR.

First Unity Developer Job 

Hired by Mixed Reality Lab to conduct research in User Experience Design by rapidly prototyping Virtual and Augmented Reality applications using Unity.

Published First VR Game

Published SAIL VR on SideQuest. Game now has more than 12,500 downloads.


Sail logo

SAIL VR - Open World Pirate Experience

What are people saying about Sail

Fun game with lot's of potential! Can't wait to revisit the game when more content is added.


1.6K Subscribers

I cant wait to see what G Cook adds next but consider this one you should definitely take a look at, its well worth your time and your support


Lipnox VR

1K Subscribers


Wildlife Machine Learning

The machine learning process can be speed up by creating computer generated imagery to train the algorithm. The Wildlife Machine Learning project set out to do just that for a machine learning algorithm that was being trained to identify Utah wildlife from Black is Hot thermal drone images.

Lessons learned with WildML

Learned extensively about the machine learning process including how to train a machine learning algorithms to identify objects using bounding boxes on training data. 

In Unity I learned how to use Post Processing and Shader Graphs to achieve effects. In the WildML project I used shaders and post processing to achieve the black is hot thermal imagery.